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Metalectrique is a Research & Development company using proprietary metal-air electric power technologies to provide the EV industry with the additional range customers need.
We have a 10 year background of peer-reviewed R&D and have innovated simple but cost effective ways of using aluminium as a mobile source of electrical power. From our can battery, through TP3 and MAAPS to our flexible cathode and beyond to the flexible battery (MAAPS-2), Metalectrique provides a new method of delivering mobile power; and our power is CO2-free.
There are many ways of delivering low-cost power from aluminium and all our systems use commercial grade aluminium with our proprietary electrolyte (pink line in graphs on left), which greatly enhances cell performance without the usual safety and engineering difficulties normally associated with aluminium batteries.
CO2-free energy is released from ordinary aluminium in a chemical reaction to produce steady, long duration electrical power and a recyclable commodity (Aluminium Hydroxide). For an EV fitted with our range extender technology the range will be much higher than currently possible with a rechargeable battery and the cost/km is less than with gasoline. 


Aluminium has about half the energy of gasoline per kilogram and is the most abundant metal on earth. Because we use it as an energy carrier and not a source, Aluminium will not run out, provided it is recycled.  





Metalectrique systems deliver CO2-free electric power using commercial-grade, CO2-free Aluminium, produced by hydro, geothermal and nuclear power. This process produces a valuable commodity, which can be recycled back to Aluminium.

We can also use the small amount of waste Hydrogen in a Hydrogen Fuel Cell for additional power.  Our systems are low pressure, safe to use and the ‘fuel’ is readily-available Aluminium.

how this works in an electric vehicle